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Are you looking for Professional Networking, Wireless Internet Systems, Security Camera and Alarm Systems or High Definition Satellite System Installation? Curry WiFi is your "One Stop Shop" for all of your commercial needs.

About Us

Curry WiFi was established in 2003. Starting in the Midwest region of the United States, Curry WiFi has since expanded its services to compete NATIONWIDE. With over 34 years in the industry, the contacts and partners we have established over the years, means you are assured of top quality knowledge, pricing, installation, performance and service.




Curry WiFi has a multitude of products and services. Whether you need to reach sites far away from your origination point or supply a wireless signal for a large or small area, we can consult, design, sell and install a system to fit your needs.


Curry WiFi has designed and installed 100’s of Commercial Wireless Internet Systems, Security Camera Systems and Satellite Systems (Dish and Direct TV) both Standard and High Definition. With our simplified “one on one” training after the installation, our systems are easy to own and operate.


If you wish to Lease or Own your system, Curry WiFi has several 3rd party vendors that will be happy to assist you in your financing.

Curry WiFi accepts all major credit cards.